Get To Know The Types Of Tulips
For Your Flowerbed 

Knowing what types of tulips there are make it so much easier choosing which ones to plant, and knowing which ones compliment each other. With so many different varieties out there, it can become a bit overwhelming for some.

When I first started gardening, I had no clue what I was doing. I just wanted to plant all types of flowers everywhere.  So I sat down in front of my computer and did alot of research on them. I also had a very good friend help me as well.

Tulips range in different heights too. Some can grow very tall and others just a few inches. It all depends on which ones you buy. Another thing is too, it really comes down to what you like. If you see a certain type of tulip you really like, then get it. In my island flowerbed, where I planted my pindo palm, I have so many different colors of tulips in there. And it looks perfectly fine.

Here is a list of some tulips I think you'll enjoy...

Purple Tulips

Yellow Tulips

Red Tulip

Blue Tulips

White Tulip

So if you wanna go all out on different types of tulips for your garden, it'll look just fine. Tulips are such a beautiful flower anyway, I think it would be pretty hard to have an unattractive flowerbed with them. Like I said before, my one flowerbed has so many different colors and sizes in it, and my neighbors are always telling us how beautiful they all look and what a nice job we've done.

I do have other flowerbeds with tulips in them, but these ones I got tulips that compliment each other. Pink is my favorite color, so in the one bed I planted what they call a "Pretty In Pink" flowerbed. 

The colors of these types of tulips range from a single tulip being all pink, to some that are pink and white together, to all white. I love that they threw in the all white tulips, because that actually gives it alot of contrast in the garden.

In my other flowerbed I planted a mixture of rembrandt tulips. These tulips are obviously another one of my favorites. They almost look like they've been painted.

They too, also have many different colors to choose from. With these types of tulips, you just can't go wrong. I also planted some other colorful  tulips with the rembrandts just to fill it in more.

You can never have too many tulips in your flowerbed. There's always room to add more if you'd like. I once read somewhere that having too many tulips is just unheard of. 

Just be sure that before you start planting your bulbs you read the height of each one. You don't want to plant the taller ones in front of the shorter tulips. Keep all your shorties up front and you'll be just fine. 

I hope you enjoy all the different types of tulips out there.

With that said, go ahead and start digging away my gardening friends.

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